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The acronym comes from the term itself and the term “nota bene” was derived from two older Latin words. The first is the word “our,” which means “to observe.” The second is the word “bene” and means “good”. The term is widely used in written works in the history of literature and is used especially in legal documents. This acronym highlights important areas to draw attention to and make sure people read what`s in it. The term may appear on the Internet in license agreements and other legal information. You can also see that it is used by people when they want to draw your attention to something important like side note or addition to their original posts. This acronym is used to represent the Latin expression “nota bene”. This means marking something as extremely important or it is used as a reaction to indicate that you have noticed the importance of something. The literal translation from Latin to English is “Note well”. Many other meanings of this acronym are proposed, so much so that it would be almost impossible to mention them all here, and some are invented simply for the pleasure of others. However, some of the expressions that this acronym can also represent are “not bad”, “non-binary”, “nasal ventilation”, “undisturbed” and “nervous breakdown”. .