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If your agent is evasive in handing over copies of the requested documents, a visit to their office can be helpful, especially if you state that you won`t leave until you have them. Strictly speaking, the paperwork belongs to you and you are entitled to it. 1) If you have already exchanged contracts but have not yet concluded – no problem, your sponsor will close the sale as usual and make sure you know where to deliver/pick up the keys. So, what should you do if you find out that your rental agent has gone bankrupt? Unfortunately, we have seen many landlords who are affected by the fact that rental agents close, go bankrupt or simply disappear. That`s why we offer a special managed service for these landlords, which includes the following: My agent closed 2 and a half years ago without explanation and took my tenants` deposit with him – and probably the deposits and rental income of many other people (fortunately for me, they had been so bad at passing on the rent I had moved for the tenants to pay me directly). • Prevent your tenant from paying rent to the rental agent who went bankrupt For one reason or another, landlords sometimes want to end their relationship with their rental agent and want to know how to proceed. Plus, their fees don`t just cover the work they do or have done for you. They also cover what they need to do, like showing up on a vacation weekend to fix a leaking pipe on a blown fuse. Hello If I have hired a broker to rent the property (find tenants and a standard rental service), and I also hire the property with another broker to sell it, can I terminate the contract with the rental agency or does it have to be on the full termination terms in case I find a buyer before finding a suitable tenant? Thank you A frequently asked question by landlords is, “How do I end my relationship with my landlord?” A contract is a contract and is enforced by a court, so everything you agreed with your agent when your relationship began is something you must respect, otherwise the courts will award you damages and costs. “By going bankrupt, they broke their contract with you,” Ouch! As we all know, moving is one of the three most stressful things you can do in your life when the agent you`ve carefully selected goes bankrupt, it adds even more worry when you need it the least. Owners should keep in mind that agents do not charge fees for no reason: they have overheads, including all the usual business and office expenses, insurance, fees, etc., which must be covered.

I hope your agent is in good financial health, impeccable integrity and that your properties are safe in their hands. However, it doesn`t hurt to take a few precautions. Rental agents are responsible for managing real estate on behalf of private owners. Private landlords pay rental agents to ensure that their legal obligations to tenants are met. Rental agents are therefore contractually obliged to focus on the well-being of the owners. Some officers will be willing to take the case to court where a landlord unilaterally cancels their contract, and the courts will generally enforce the contract if the terms are found to be fair and reasonable. Good rental agents will have a strongly worded clause in their contract stating that: As long as one of the original tenants or licensees that the agent presented to the landlord is still in the property, a continuing fee is payable, even with lease extensions. Using an PMRA-registered agent – such as.B. Leaders – your money is protected by the client`s money protection plan, professional liability insurance exists and you have a way to make amends in case something goes wrong. However, most officers would not go to court for more than a few hundred pounds and risk damaging their reputation in the process. The tenant may or may not be happy to transfer the agent`s job to you – some tenants prefer the independence and professionalism of an agent – and there is all the hassle of convincing the tenant of the security of their depot during the rental. In the end, you could also lose an agent and a tenant.

If this worries you, perhaps if your agent is not a member of one of the agent`s professional associations and there have been serious delays in paying the rent, you should consider changing the terms of payment of the rent so that it will be paid directly to you by the tenant in the future. There appears to have been a flood of Norfolk real estate agents in liquidation over the past few months. The reason for this is almost always that these companies have not charged enough for their services. Some consumers truly believe that they can get the best possible service at the lowest possible price, and in the adult world, this is rarely the case. As the owner, you are the owner of the property and you can do whatever you want within reasonable limits, after all, the agent acts for you at any time according to your instructions.. .